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Dec 19, 2014

The Deja Vu Blogfest

If you've been a long-time follower of my blog, this post might feel a little familiar ... because you've seen it before. The Deja Vu blog hop is a way for us to re-share one of our favorite posts, so make sure you go to the other participating blogs to  discover some great posts! Because I'm currently in the query trenches, I thought this post would be a good one to share...

Why a Query is Like a Love Note to the Most Popular Guy in High School:

Dear hot guy who sits in front of me in Algebra I {agent},

I know you have no idea who I am. I know that you have girls {authors} fawning over your every move {Twitter update}, and that you could get any one of them.

Pick me.

I may wear braces {have a few spelling errors}, and I may still be cursed with acne {the old version of Word}, but I swear that if you were to really think about it, I would be the best girlfriend {client} you ever had. For example:
  • I will do your homework {my edits}
  • I won't flirt with other football players {find another agent behind your back}
  • I'm not as needy as the cheerleader you're currently dating {going to email you five times a day -- only twice ... okay, three times, tops.}
  • I won't take forever to get ready {on revisions}
I  have memorized every curve of your face {blog post you've ever written}, and I think I've loved you ever since I first laid eyes on you {your site}. One day I would love to meet your parents {editor friends}. Do you like me too? Check yes or no {send a form rejection}.

Eternally your love {Thank you for your time and consideration},
Tiana Smith